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LinkedIn Introduces Enhanced Targeting Tools for Advertisers

LinkedIn advertising services are a house favorite of B2B marketers to increase brand visibility and gather more traction. Using paid advertising on LinkedIn can help you target business professionals across a multitude of demographic details. LinkedIn social advertising allows you to target top-of-funnel audience who mean business for a meaningful connection.  As LinkedIn users are looking for business-specific content, the chances of conversion are much higher. 

With the help of LinkedIn, you can target your audience based on their expertise, industry, company size, and geographical location. Specific targeting enhances the chances of conversion and increases your ROI. LinkedIn is also a great platform to build the credibility of your brand. Showcasing compelling copy and stunning visuals on your LinkedIn page can help you generate better leads. You can also emerge as a leader in your industry by sharing relevant content that keeps the customers hooked. 

Recently, LinkedIn has announced the inclusion of enhanced targeting tools to increase your outreach. This post summarizes the new features that have been rolled out:

Audience forecasting

The success of your marketing campaign depends on how well do you know what the audience wants. LinkedIn has announced that a new feature called Audience forecasting will be available on Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager is a tool on LinkedIn that helps you create LinkedIn Ads accounts and campaigns. The Forecasted Results can be accessed by the marketers directly from the dashboard when they are creating LinkedIn ads. The Forecasted Results provide information regarding:

  • Target audience size
  • Breakdown of the target audience by segment
  • Projected spend
  • Projected number of impressions
  • Projected number of clicks
  • Estimates for the KPI related to your selected objective (such as clicks)

Marketers also have the option to customize the panel to get a better assessment of the target audience.

Precision targeting 

LinkedIn has enhanced precision ads by incorporating a Boolean targeting logic. Marketers can now use “And/Or” in queries in their ad campaigns to reach out to the right audience. For example, earlier if advertisers wanted to search for Directors in legal roles, they could only do so by using “Director” as job seniority and “Legal” as the job function. The new targeting technique allows advertisers to reach out to Directors at any job function and people in legal roles across seniority through a single ad campaign.

Better demographic reporting 

Demographic reporting is one of the most popular features of LinkedIn advertising. This feature has been enhanced to provide detailed insights about the audience who is watching video ads, filling out lead gen forms, and opening sponsored InMail messages. This will allow marketers to assess the professionals who are engaging with the content and make necessary adjustments to the ad campaign. 


Using LinkedIn advertising tools optimally will deliver quantifiable results for your business. If you want to make the most out of the LinkedIn ads and explore the opportunities that LinkedIn offers, we will be happy to assist you. We are a digital marketing agency that provides LinkedIn ad management services. Get in touch with us today.

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