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How To Optimize Instagram With SEO Techniques For Increased Reach

Instagram is changing the dynamics of Social Media

This is not merely a statement, it is a fact stated with utter conviction. The social platform has taken over the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one billion active users. Instagram’s influence is so high that it is shaping the lifestyles of youth today. With its highly engaging stories feature, simplistic design and aesthetic opportunities, one can understand Instagram’s temptation.

Not just users but even brands love Instagram. High reach and creative opportunities allow brands to experiment and stand-out. Brands of small and big sizes are making the most of this platform. However, just having a presence is not enough. Every brand, no matter the size, should strive to improve their brand reach by using Instagram SEO techniques. 

Yep, you heard it right, SEO isn’t just for Google. In fact, Instagram’s algorithms are so strong that they can improve your brand visibility considerably.

Here are a few techniques to help you increase brand reach on Instagram

  1. Research relevant keywords and hashtags 

The base of any good SEO strategy starts with keywords research. Unlike Google, Instagram doesn’t have an option to plan keywords. You will have to search for trendy topics related to your business niche in order to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Basis of your search and social media metrics, you need to decide relevant keywords and hashtags

  1. 2. Optimize your profile

This seems like a no-brainer because you will optimize your profile regardless. But a few tips to keep in mind are:

  • Use a colourful on-brand image
  • Register for Instagram Business account
  • Create searchable @Username 
  • Ensure your account is Public
  1. 3. Use primary keywords as @Username and display name

The reason for this point is to establish your primary keyword to Instagram. Instagram works with its own algorithm so if you wish to be on top of the search list then ensure that your primary keyword is established in your username.

For example, some looking for a hair salon on Instagram would definitely be searching with the keyword ‘hair salon’. If you have this keyword in your username then you’re more likely to land on the top search results. 

  1. 4. Use secondary keywords in the bio and as many places as possible (including image captions)

Your secondary keywords play a role as important as the primary keywords. Secondary keywords are relevant because they are connected to your primary keywords. Let’s say your primary keyword is ‘hair salon’ then your secondary keyword would be like ‘haircut’, ‘hair wash’ etc. You need to ensure that relevant secondary keywords are incorporated in your bio and picture captions as much as possible. The more relevant keywords, the better would be the reach. 

  1. 5. Link Instagram for multi-channel marketing

Multiple channel promotions are always better than single-channel promotions. To make the most of Instagram marketing, it is highly advisable to link your Instagram account to other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc. This will ensure uniformity in content and build chances of gaining more exposure.

  1. 6. Use Instagram’s alt text

Instagram added the alt text feature to allow users to caption their photos with tags. Just like Google SEO, alt text allows users to find your posts’ basic keywords. All you have to do is select the ‘Advanced Setting’ options on the posting page. Click on the ‘Write Alt Text’ option and create the perfect caption with relevant tags. Done, your post is good to go. 

  1. 7. Keep an eye on data and analytics

Data analytics is the backbone of any SEO strategy. Instagram marketing is a constant battle of keyword research, social media metrics and trendy content. You need to keep a constant eye on the metrics in order to flesh out a marketing plan. This is especially the key to unlock the potential of social media platforms. 


To conclude, we hope these simple techniques prove helpful to you. As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a dynamic platform. It works as a search engine of its own so typical SEO strategies won’t work for this platform. 

Hopefully, brands today have found a better way to catch visibility on Instagram. You can always learn from them.

Do let us know your thoughts! Till then click here to get Instagram marketing solutions from Windsor Digital.

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