DesignDoes your brand have a personality? If not, here are some easy ways to define a brand persona

Does your brand have a personality? If not, here are some easy ways to define a brand persona

What is brand personality? 

Have you ever stopped to wonder if your brand has a personality? Or is it your personality rather than your brand’s that you project to your customers? 

Tricky question, isn’t it? 

In simple terms, a brand’s personality is nothing but part of your brand’s identity. It is the heart of what makes you a brand. For example, Cadbury Dairymilk wouldn’t stand as a quirky and fun chocolate brand in the minds of its consumers if it’s personality wasn’t portrayed in campaigns like ‘Pappu pass ho gaya’. 

Similarly, Nike has established itself as a woke brand for the youth with their ‘Just do it’ policy. A brand personality helps a brand to authenticate itself in the eyes of the customer in order to build loyalty. Here are a few benefits of establishing a brand personality:

  • Authenticates brand identity 
  • Enables valuation of a brand 
  • Builds customer loyalty 
  • Makes communication easy and targeted 

Whatever your brand does or communicate simply boils down to its brand personality. It can take years or decades for a brand to establish a persona, mainly because there are extensive studies and research that follows it. Agencies put a lot of effort into brand designing and positioning. However, do note that whatever method works for a big brand may not always work for a small or medium-sized one. 

Before we begin let’s look at some personality arch-types:

  • Funny- Fun Playful 
  • Idealistic- Dreamer
  • Maiden- Innocent/Kind
  • Friend- Straightforward/Sociable 
  • Mother- Generous/Caring
  • Leader- Assertive/ In control 
  • Rebel- Edgy/Dangerous 
  • Hero- Adventurous/Brave
  • Wise- Trustworthy 

Your brand archetype can go beyond this list, and that’s perfectly fine. Remember your personality doesn’t have to be related to yours or your team’s vibe, it should focus on your products/services and other offerings that you want to promise to the customers. 

Pick adjectives that define your brand 

To narrow down your options, it’s best to pick three adjectives that define your brand. For example, an organic food brand would define itself with adjectives like natural, organic, vegan etc. Think carefully before you come up with the right adjectives. 

How do you want consumers to feel after they interact with your brand? 

When brands interact with customers, it makes them feel something. Do you want your audience to have fun, feel empowered or energetic? Think about this question carefully because the answer is what will help you set the tone of your brand’s voice. 

For example, Loreal makes women feel empowered with its ‘worth it’ attitude. Harley Davidson makes people feel powerful thanks to its edgy high-end vibe.  

How do you want your brand to look? 

This is the fun part. Answering this question will help you set a look for your brand. It will cover the visual part of your brand identity like brand logo design, tagline, brand colours, mandatories etc. Therefore, choose a look that parallels with your tone of voice and adjectives. 

What will be the message that you want to communicate? 

Finally, you need to ponder on what message you need to share. Every brand has to communicate something to their customers, what do you want to do? Think carefully about things like ‘who we are’ ‘what we want to do’ or ‘what we stand for’. For example, Tiktok wants its customers to have fun and a gala time on their app. Therefore, they communicate the fun aspect to a young audience in the form of individual videos. You can do the same after some soul searching. 


It isn’t easy to define a brand personality, you will quite literally have to start from scratch. However, the best part about defining a brand is the freedom of making it what you want, hence you need to tread carefully since your brand’s identity will be established for permanency. 

Hopefully, the above tips can give you a headstart on the same. 

If you’re looking for a brand identity designing agency or someone who can assist you with this long term commitment, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 


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