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The Staggering Impact of COVID-19 on the Education Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic is asserting behavioural changes worldwide. Not only is it affecting business in almost every sector, but it is also forcing many to adapt to the new situation of social distancing. 

Companies are working hard to incorporate the necessary guidelines into their daily operations by allowing people to work from home. Since quarantine is a necessary evil, the perceptions and behaviour of people are changing due to this health disaster. Businesses that used to operate offline are now finding ways to shift online. Offline marketing is now being replaced for online marketing. People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever. 

This situation is dynamically changing the education industry. When we talk about this industry we don’t necessarily mean just the schools but also private classes, skills learning classes or any other form of education. 

What is happening

As of now, opening schools seems like a hazardous choice since children are as vulnerable to COVID as adults. With schools being closed, many institutes have taken online classes and lectures as an alternative to keep students busy.

Following this lead, private classes are also shifting their focus to online lessons through videos, live session and video calls. Private classes and tuitions of every kind are taking this opportunity to increase their online presence. 

Digital materials are being consumed by students on a daily level. Innovative education is becoming a norm thanks to digital media. Children from every nook and corner of the world now have access to online classes without borders dividing them. The limitations of education are being eradicated. 

The Reason 

The sole reason for this staggering change is the motive to keep the world running. Empowering education in every form is crucial for the world. Hence, even in this pandemic, digital mediums are helping teachers, educators and trainers to reach a wider audience to not just run their business but also enable learning. 

What kind of education business is thriving in this pandemic? 

Unlike the big business, the SMEs in the education sector are working well to shape to the needs of the pandemic. 

Businesses like:

  • Online hobby classes 
  • Private tuitions 
  • Language learning classes 
  • Education institutions-mid sized
  • Online training institutes of all kinds
  • Health and fitness-related online classes

And many others are making most of the situation to help people make the most of their free time. 

Way Forward

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we need to adapt according to situations and make the most of our resources. If you have a teaching business that you conduct offline, then it is now time to think of a way forward, preferably towards the digital landscape. Not only will you be helping yourself but also the people by continuing service to those who need it. 

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