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Here’s How You Can Use Influencer Marketing To Increase Lead Generation And Sales

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Social media has been changing, adapting and rolling out new trends almost every year. A heavily followed trend that is here to stay is probably the influencer marketing trend. 

Although influencer marketing started as nothing more than an activity, it has now become a billion-dollar industry with an increase in the number of big and small influencers every year.

Brands pay an extravagant price to an influencer in order to promote their product or service. Due to its effectiveness, influencer marketing strategies have become an essential part of the marketing mix.

Let’s look at some benefits of influencer marketing: 

  1. Builds brand trust through the reputation of the influencer 
  2. Improves brand awareness
  3. Allows you to reach a vast or niche audience based on the influencer’s base
  4. Helps in creating engaging content 
  5. Makes your content strategy richer 
  6. You can educate and engage your audience through the influencer’s reach

Recently, marketers have been learning that influencer marketing can be used to increase lead generation and sales, provided its done with the right strategy. 

Here’s what you can do

Scout relevant micro-influencers 

If you have tried influencer marketing, then you’d know that scouting big influencers is almost impossible. Through a shift in perception, marketers are now trying to target micro-influencers who have a follower count between 10,000- 1,00,000 due to their reach and high engagement rate. Scouting micro-influencers also allows you to find a niche audience of like-minded individuals who would find your product/service relevant. For example, a sports review influencer would have followers who would be interested in sports or sports-related products. This increases your chances of converting them into potential customers. 

Allow creative freedom 

Creativity only sparks when there is a lack of structure or rules to abide by. By allowing creative freedom to influencers, you would be allowing them to find creative ways to promote your products. This will only work in your brand’s favour.

Target ‘Review’ influencers

Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are spilling with review influencers that review products and services. These influencers’ base can be further divided into mass or niche audiences like fashion review, makeup review, clothing review, apparel review etc. People trust reviewers more than anyone else, hence, this faith leads brands to approach them with vigour. 

Make the most of Youtube and Instagram influencers 

The highest number of influencers work on Instagram and Youtube. The leverage of rich video and visual content allows these influencers to portray anything with ease. The industry on Instagram is already worth 1 billion dollars, that’s the impact you can create by relying on these platforms. 

Sell your products strategically 

Ask influencers to promote your products/services by using content-rich visuals. You can strategically promote your products the same way by providing discount codes or deals to the audience or sharing giveaways and trial products in an effort to build trust. People don’t trust a brand that just wants to sell, they instead trust one which works for their benefit, so strategic product placement is the need of the hour. 


With high growth, the global influencer marketing industry is estimated to grow at 9.7 billion dollars. Thanks to this, at least 380 influencer marketing agencies and platforms have been created globally to bridge the gap between brands and creators. 

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