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The Impact Of Covid-19 On Branding And Advertising

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge the world is facing today. It’s suffice to say that companies have been struggling to stay afloat in this steep situation. This has naturally created a clutter in the vertical of branding and advertising. The pandemic has changed brand priorities and have forced brands to take a newer approach in their communication.

Significant Changes That Are Evident In The Current Scenario

Safety Initiatives

Presently, thousands of brands are seeking to strike the right tone during the global health emergency, they are trying to do their bit for society in their own way by creating mass communication on the importance of safety, health and wellbeing. 


Advertising is more driven for call to action against the virus. Marketers and advertisers are re-defining the media landscape to generate relevant and responsible content that drives appropriate action. Almost every CTA is around staying safe, washing hands and maintaining social distance.

Sales And Promotion

Sales and promotional content are more driven to create brand recall in the minds of customers.

Due to the threat of losing customers, they are continuously coming up with creative and innovative campaign ideas in order to keep customers engaged on the lines of awareness whilst maintaining sales of products and services.

Redefining Strategies

Brands are reevaluating their strategy about current and future advertising and marketing campaigns to maintain their steady stream of income. 

As of today, the situation is too critical for India since a huge chunk of the population is at home, consuming data. The e-commerce industry, for example, is in full swing as people are just one click away from buying any product or service required for this situation. Brands are undergoing change in keeping up with the digital world and trying to be there in the front globally. 

What Exactly Are They Doing?

A popular trend in the industry are customized masks. This product has offered a lifevest to many brands globally. Wearing a mask has become the new normal. People are opting for colourful prints, stylish and attractive masks in the fight against Covid-19 and we can see the need for it in various advertisements.

Masks, or N95 masks specifically, are now becoming a global trend with couture labels like Louis Vuitton and Fendi manufacturing their signature masks. In India, designer brands like Anita Dongre, Shivan and Narresh are their own way experimenting with their own signature styles.

The trouble of how to wear a N95 mask and its less appealing factor is encouraging businesses to drive a ‘How To Wear A Mask’ campaign to promote facts.

Sport leaders like Adidas, Reebok, Puma are coming up with creative marketing campaigns to spread awareness on safety, health and well-being. FMCG and QSR sectors are portraying the measures that are taken to prevent the spread of diseases. Logistic firms are struggling to stay afloat but they are maintaining transparency to assure people of their services. Physical education is now a thing of the past as institutions provide online learning packages. 

Although adapting is great, is it really everything? Will the scenario ever change once this pandemic is over? The sameness of communication is leaving no unique aspects of branding to shine. Businesses that were once focused on ‘causevertising’ are now doing it within the realm of the pandemic. Needless to say, the future will only be decided by time. 

Some Positive Communication Techniques That You Can Follow

While we wait for the situation to get over, let’s look at some positive techniques brands can use to establish trust and belief.

  • Adapting to new sales models and offering new or alternative services
  • Seizing the opportunity to build community spirit in providing support to the vulnerable
  • Keeping in touch through digital communication
  • Maximizing the engagement through relevant contest and challenges
  • Transparency and sincerity in communication is crucial
  • Understand the mindset of your audience and create relevant content

What’s more? You can keep an eye on how your brand is performing, understand the audience reaction to your communication and improvise a strategy that can build a positive aura around your brand. This will work better than harping on the current trend and it will show your audience that you truly care about them. 

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