UncategorizedIs Voice Search Becoming The New Voice Of The Digital World?

Is Voice Search Becoming The New Voice Of The Digital World?

Hey Google, what’s trending in your digital world? 

Our voices will always be the best communication tool we have. With the advent of voice-enabled technology that has leapt forward in recent years, it is rapidly becoming the new norm and user friendly throughout the world. 

IBM’s Watson in 2010, the super-intelligent robot impressed the whole world with its extraordinary thinking and speaking power. In the following years, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon launched their products in the market. 

Voice search is growing exponentially for activities like shopping, FAQs, navigation, weather forecast, music, callings and more. 

How Is It Growing?

  • It is predicted that by 2021, mobile e-commerce sales will account for 54% of the total e-commerce sales. BigCommerce reports also project a 270% growth in voice-based queries in India.
  • Users around the world feel tech-savvy when using voice search mobile and speaker functions, it is a psychological fact. Mobile users worldwide are three times more likely to use voice search. 
  • India is seeing 270% year on year growth in voice searches as revealed by Google. The key reason for the increase is because speaking is faster than typing. 

Top 5 Emerging Trends In 2020

Voice search adoption

Earlier, products such as Alexa and Siri were merely entertainment devices for the people. But the drastic improvements in technology and new hardware like Google Home and Apple HomePod is now moving into the marketplace. Couple this with AI and you get the perfect recipe for success.

AI and machine learning

Growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning have made an impact on communication and browsing. With Google’s RankBrain, one can recognize words and phrases to learn and better predict outcomes. 

Global mobility

Smartphone users know that voice search is more mobile than ever. Google’s voice search on mobile devices is now available in over 100 languages with 95% speech recognition accuracy. 

Local searching

There is an increase in voice search for local products and services. 58% of people have used voice search while finding information about local business and Google has confirmed that the ‘near me’ trend is here to stay. 

The popularity of voice SEO

Due to high speech accuracy, marketers are now fine-tuning their SEO strategy to optimize for voice search for their businesses globally. It has today become a necessity.

Benefits Of Optimizing Your Business Strategy To The New Voice

Website Traffic

The one thing that this strategy reward is higher web traffic. Businesses can succeed with voice optimized SEO if you often appear as the top result and are used for voice answers frequently. 

Voice search rankings

Voice search is optimised to bring more visibility to your brand and rank high on SERPs. So there is no harm in additional optimisation.

Brand awareness and visibility

Voice search has huge potential as a marketing tool. Website traffic and voice search rankings boost your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. 

Customer engagement

Voice Search in itself is an engaging tool. People feel happy when they talk and get the search query right. It increases engagement, let’s people find you easily and leaves a good impression.


Voice search is allowing businesses to create an enhanced customer experience. With this effective voice-enabled technology, you can increase your site traffic, build your brand and provide a user-friendly experience worldwide.

Voice search is a trend that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We are heading into an era where we will be using more of our voices than hands to browse the internet.

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