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Chatbots: An Essential Bot In The World Of Digital Marketing

ChatBot : Hi there, how can I help you?

Smart chatbots have been around since 2014. It is an AI-supported computer program which can impersonate human conversations in the form of text or speech. AI has many implications in digital marketing and chatbots are the most exciting ones. 

Chatbots provide interactive conversations by utilizing pre-calculated text-based on auditory signals and phases. They offer the best of two worlds; automated human interaction without sacrificing any more time and efforts. These chatbots are powered up for a smooth customer journey and user-friendly experience. 

Now that you know what chatbots are, take a look at how they can help you in making your online game strong. 

5 Things Chatbots Can Do For Digital Marketing Strategy  

  • Automation: These chatbots streamline your marketing strategy by automating the beginning of interactions and guiding the customer till the end. Every customer on approaching a website expects quick responses from the other side. Be it responding to any queries or assisting a customer in making a purchase, a chatbot initiates the first step of the marketing process. 
  • Engagement: Chatbots are designed to handle or engage customers’ attention and send follow up messages to them. On making a purchase, it is crucial to ensure that the buyers are satisfied and are followed upon, providing new offers and deals. 
  • Brand growth: Chatbots help a particular business in distributing their content along with their values to form a connection with the customer. Moreover, the interaction helps in promoting the brand offers and benefits to potential customers. 
  • Social media marketing: It is a popularly preferred online platform to advertise and promote your brand. Chatbots can serve as extensions on various social media platforms for enquiries and resolve basic queries. 
  • Bridging the gap: Sometimes, there is a disconnect between marketing and sales, where either of them is lost. The data collated by chatbots can help the team members to decipher information and stay on the same page. 

5 Chatbot Best Practices To Keep In Mind For Your Business 

  • Keep it simple: Don’t complicate your chatbot programming. Try to keep it simple and effective for better execution of the process. 
  • Make it more human: No customer wants to engage in conversation with a robot. If you want to drive more results, these chatbots need to feel like real humans. Keep the conversation warm and welcoming.  
  • Be clear with your objective: Don’t just focus on greeting and making connections with customers. Try to infuse your brand objective in the interaction, because the purpose of a chatbot is supposed to serve your business goals. 
  • They are a supplement, not a replacement: They are a computer program which can only manage simple conversations. You need to make sure they are the initial stage to a path leading to real human engagement. 
  • Keep improvising: Chatbots are the newcomer in the digital world. Companies like Amazone, Jio, Sephora, Domino’s etc, are already using chatbots to make interactions better and efficient. It will take some time to fit in everything. It might take some trial and error to get it right.  But keep trying!

Conclusion: The Future

Chatbots have so much more in store. It is a great tool to look after customers and their needs. But it is not simple as it looks on a website. Embrace it, and make use of this excellent marketing tool for powering up your digital strategy.

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