Digital MarketingTypes Of Chatbots: How Businesses Create Best User Experience With AI

Types Of Chatbots: How Businesses Create Best User Experience With AI

Did you know the first chatbot ever was developed by an MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960s. It was called ELIZA. It triggered the beginning of a new era of chatbots. 

Today, chatbots are functioning beyond human capabilities. They are now making it to the top of every company’s digital marketing strategy. Multiple business verticals across the world are adopting chatbots to deliver excellent customer service. It is due to the variety of benefits they provide in achieving business targets in less time and cost. 

USA, India, Germany, the UK and Brazil are the top 5 chatbot using countries in the world. With 24/7 availability and eliminating human errors, chatbots enhance business operations whilst making a good impression in the minds of customers. 

Whether it is to answer your queries or direct you to relevant pages, every task is carried out by a different bot. Following are the types of chatbots your business can go for, depending on your operations and customer expectations. 

Top 5 Types Of Chatbots For Your Business

Lead bots: Welcoming users anytime 

Lead bots enable the beginning of a user journey on a website. In the world of lead generation, it is called a welcome message. The conversion of a visitor to a customer, and keeping them engaged is based on how you take the lead. 

Your lead message should resonate with your brand voice to encourage users on board.

Conversational bots: We understand you 

These are by far the most advanced chatbots that use AI and NLP to deliver the best possible experience to the user. The key benefit of NLP conversational bots is that they understand the meaning behind every word. It is how they provide a real-time conversation with the user. 

Making the conversation understanding, smooth and strategic can boost sales of any business. 

Transactional bots: Your cart is waiting for you!

These bots allow customers to make a transaction within the context of a conversation. Their goal is to automate a transaction by providing quick, convenient options for a specific purchase. It can be implemented in various sectors such as banking, insurance or e-commerce that deal with financial matters. 

These bots make online transactions smooth, providing a better user experience. 

FAQ assistants: You ask, we answer 

Known otherwise as service bots, they help solve common and frequently occurring problems. They are designed to answer questions that are asked frequently by customers, lessening the extra burden of service staff. 

Your customers get their questions answered instantly, everywhere and anytime.

Navigational bots: Where to? 

A navigational bot directs visitors to relevant content on the website. When you want to read a company blog or check out product categories, then these bots link you to the destined pages. 

For instance, when a visitor tells the bot they’re looking for a t-shirt of size L. The bot skims through products and provides a direct portal to the page. 

Using these bots can streamline customer journey from brand discovery to purchase. 


Along with AI, things are getting a lot easier and smarter for carrying out various transactions and conversations online. Chatbots are therefore useful in many ways right from customer services to boosting sales and productivity. 

With plenty of ways to benefit from technology, are you ready to implement a chatbot for your business?

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