Digital MarketingStep Into 2021 With Top 5 Virtual Events Trends

Step Into 2021 With Top 5 Virtual Events Trends

2020 has been a revolutionary year for everyone. With social distancing and lockdown, everyone had to stay at home, rather were forced to stay at home for good. But this didn’t stop the event industry in streaming their ways on your tv, mobile phones and laptops. 

Virtual events have gained immense popularity over the course of the pandemic and they are now connecting the world together. It has brought promising opportunities for event technology in 2021. The technology comprises various digital tools that help an event planner execute any event from start to finish. 

Influencer, business owners, and the film industry have swiftly adopted the idea of streaming live on your screens. Moreover, there are rising advancements in the event technology. It makes everything more organized, engaging and fun to audiences. 

But, before you embark on this journey, know the virtual event trends that will take your game to the next level.

Top 5 Virtual Event Trends In 2021 

Live streaming: Go live!

It has been one of the most used trends in the world of event technology for a long time. Your audience can enjoy and experience everything in real-time. It offers international engagement, provides a better connection between you and your audience and boosts ticket sales to the event.

You can go live on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and connect with your audience worldwide. Google held its sixth Google for India event virtually in July 2020. It streamed the entire event live on its Youtube channel addressing each and everyone in the country. 

AR and VR experiences: Is it moving?

Augmented and virtual realities have not just had an impact on the event industry but also on other sectors such as e-commerce, IT, media, etc. With people confined to their homes, AR and VR have become an escape for both work and play matters. They allow you to step inside a computer-generated 3D world. WIth high potentials of interaction and fun, it improves the consumer experience with more shares and engagement.

In May 2020, Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2020 was fully hosted online as ‘AWE Online’. It included a happy hour in AltspaceVR, a virtual Are Symposium and more. Moreover, they were able to visit exhibitor booths virtually in the event. 

Live translation: Select your language 

With live translation, any event can be accessible for people all over the world. You can extend your event viewing to people that may not speak your native language. Moreover, it has spiked international interest across the globe. 

Translation of videos in various languages engages a larger audience and it makes the event more engaging. For example, Kpop events in South Korea translate live events on their streaming apps. This has led to a worldwide interest in Kpop. 

Event apps: Turn on the notification!

With personalized event apps, you can have a smooth viewing of live videos. It is the most upcoming trend in the B2B sector, as they are faster, plus they are easier to develop. Numerous event tech platforms offer different services for your viewers. With an app that can manage registration, check-in and personalized notification settings, you are ready to stream live. 

Event apps such as Whova, Eventbrite, Attendify, InEvent and more are used to service your attendees’ most basic needs. 

Hybrid events: Connecting the world

Hybrid events have gained popularity over the past decade. Events such as conferences, training seminars, trade expo and others combine live, in-person elements with digital platforms.  For example, a business conference that hosts an in-person gathering in Delhi and live streams to a worldwide virtual audience would be considered a hybrid event. 

Hybrid events allow organizers to reach a wider audience, improve event ROI, and provide access to valuable data. In the times of pandemic, event organizers are exploring new ways to bring their global audience together. The WWDC2020 event by Apple that took place in June was a highlight of this trend.


2020 has proven to be a revolutionary year for various sectors across the globe. There are still many uncertainties hovering over us. With us entering the virtual world, there are promising opportunities for achieving success in the digital world. 

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