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5 Virtual Event Campaigns That Will Blow Your Inspiration

As we all sit at home finding ways to entertain ourselves, many brands have found a way to entertain us. Brands have picked up virtual eventing as their new way to communicate with their audiences across the globe. There is no doubt that virtual event trends are here to stay.

We see a significant rise in virtual events across various platforms for providing viewers with real-life experiences.  Moreover, brands that use organic ways to promote virtually are not hesitating to invest in paid media marketing for their promotion.

However, there are some brands that set new standards in the world of digital marketing. These inspiring campaigns will surely blow our mind. Take a look!

Tomorrowland 2020 

Are you ready? 

As the annual event got cancelled due to Covid-19, many fans and music enthusiasts were left heartbroken. But it didn’t stop the team from coming up with something much more fun and worth their viewers’ time and money. The virtual festival included eight stages, 60-plus artists, 16 webinar sessions and various other activities.

Tomorrowland’s achievement from a technical perspective was extremely remarkable. It served as a perfect example of all the possibilities event promoters and artists can achieve shortly. 

Tomorrowland Around the World: Official Aftermovie

Adidas: Delicatessen 

Live without limits!  

Adidas launched Delicatessen VR, an interactive experience created to market TERREX. They provided their customers with 360-degree footage of accomplished climbers Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller ascending the Delicatessen mountain in Corsica. You could see an amazing integration of content with real-time 3D VR, giving their viewer an adrenaline rush at every step. 

Check out the video below!

Somewhere Else X Adidas: Delicatessen (Trailer)

Heineken’s Champion League Kick-Off

Gear up!

Heineken hosted the virtual Kick-Off of the century. It streamed live, celebrating and bringing fans around the world together for the first time. The event included 8DJs across 8 locations for 8 hours to celebrate the end of the wait for Europe’s two premier club football competitions.

Hans Erik Tuijit, Director of Sponsorship at Heineken, said that “it was a perfect way to celebrate the return of the action in a digital-first experience”. 

Check out the link below!

Zoomotopia 2020

Zoom meetings were never more entertaining than Zoomotopia 2020! 

The start of 2020 saw the rising demand for Zoom across the globe. With the pandemic hitting hard, Zoom played a crucial role in connecting everyone around the world. Zoomotopia was launched in October 2020, aiming to build an experience with more fun and entertainment for people.

Zoomotopia 2020: Opening Keynote

TOMS: Virtual Giving Trip 

Make a difference.

TOMS’ first-ever Virtual Giving Trip allows 360 experience of what it feels like to give shoes to children in need. The film was first produced by VRSE and it allowed viewers to take the TOMS Giving Trip journey from anywhere with an internet connection. You get to tag along with TOMS in Peru through a four-minute 360-degree film. This experience enabled the community to see the impact they could have if they purchase a pair of TOMS through the One for One business model. 

Grab your pair of glasses!


The year 2020 has seen many shifts in marketing strategies, and it is crucial to be at the top of the trend. Hosting a virtual event can be challenging but they are a great way to connect with the world. Moreover, this trend is expected to rise and stay in the marketing world. 

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