Digital MarketingEnd 2021 With These Inspirational Christmas Digital Marketing Tips For Your Brand

End 2021 With These Inspirational Christmas Digital Marketing Tips For Your Brand

Christmas brings with it a bonanza of festivities and socializing. Every year, social media platforms are lit like a Christmas tree, adorned with stories, posts and festive moments shared by millions of people across the globe.

Brands patiently wait for this day as it is an opportunity for them to join in the celebrations and get some sales. This is why social media campaigns are important. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter bring with them great potential for engagement.

If you are stuck with a ‘what more?’ thought like many other brands, then here are a few social media marketing tips you can take inspiration from.

Lend a helping hand 

In 2017, Big Bazaar- one of the largest retail brands in India started a campaign called #BanoKisikaSanta (be someone’s Santa). The idea was to ask people to gift underprivileged children a gift on Christmas.

The campaign received a heartfelt response and started a chain of donations. To this date, many still celebrate the campaign. Big Bazaar didn’t just successfully help someone, but they also managed to create a positive image in the minds of their audience. A strategy like this always creates a win-win situation. If your brand has a cause that it believes in, then Christmas would be a good opportunity to act upon it. 

Bring the gang together 

Sometimes, bringing people together is all you need to have a good time. 

Calvin Klien, a brand that is known for its influencer activities thought it’d be a great idea to go all out during Christmas of 2019. They got all their influencers on board to promote their CKHOLIDAY Gift Guide through a campaign called #MYCALVINS Are Your Calvins. 

They conducted a party in New York and invited all their influencers to post pictures of their Holiday CK on their handles along with the hashtags. This strategy garnered the brand millions of views across handles as well as sales. An occasion like Christmas is a great way to leverage the power of influencers in the most happening way possible. 

Flaunt your Christmas celebration 

If there is anything that we have learned from social media- it’s that flaunting your happiness can grab you some views and engagement. Brands on the internet leverage social media platforms to their benefit. Just look at all the festive content that brands put out in the form of reels, stories and posts. What it does is it makes you a part of the happening Christmas feel. People love seeing celebrations and showing the way you have fun on social media is the best way to gain traction.

Be creative in your approach, you can start by having a Christmas themed home page for your website and social media handles or have an engaging video of your employees exchanging gifts. You can also promote your products in a creative post, like Fevicol here for an example:

Don’t just promote, have fun doing it! 

See it? Like it? Bought it? 

Have a special Christmas sale in mind? then showcase them through shoppable posts. A Shoppable Instagram post lets you pin a product link to the image. Now all you need to do is find ways to portray your products in the most creative way possible. 

You can leverage this strategy further by using hashtags to create a conversation and gain engagements through influencers. You can then ask your influencers to create more shoppable posts to make sales easier. A win-win situation again!

Ending Note

With ideas, the sky is the limit. Christmas is an occasion to go all out and create a brand story for yourself. What matters most is the way you do it. 

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