Digital MarketingThree Brands Who Took A Minimalist Approach To Holi Ads and Nailed It.

Three Brands Who Took A Minimalist Approach To Holi Ads and Nailed It.

The festival of colors is here to bring some joy. This celebration brings us joy and adds color to our lives. And, as the colorful festival approaches and we prepare to celebrate this year, these minimal brands Holi creative ads from the past continue to pique our interest. 

These simple ads made your heart sing and cry with delight, inspiring you to have a good time, but in the most apt way, it could have.

  1. McDonald’s India

McDonald’s shared one of the most simple yet spectacular creatives for Holi two years ago. The sauce spilled over the tee shirt served as a metaphor for the colors smearing the clothing. McDonald’s was able to perfect the Holi marketing with a simple message.

  1. Durex

Durex’s messaging has always had an extremely appealing, simple, and effective play of words. In that perspective, how could a festival like Holi be any different? Durex designed a post that was visually appealing without being overly wordy. 

  1. Fevicol

We’ve all grown up seeing Fevicol commercials and are familiar with their catchphrase,   ‘Fevicol ka Mazboot Jod.’ When it comes to delivering on its brand messaging, the company has never disappointed. Similarly, it’s not surprising that this Holi post reinforced the brand’s messaging without saying much and yet still managed to make an impact. 

Have you been glued yet? Because we are. 

To Conclude

These brands have not only nailed their social media marketing strategy, but have also showcased the festival’s beauty. In the sense that Holi tradition is important, it comes before the fun and joy. 

As a result, we believe that properly honoring the holiday makes it even more lovely, and that these brands have left a lasting impression on our emotions. Windsor Digital, a digital agency in Mumbai, is your best bet if you want to establish a name for yourself. Allow advertising creativity to flourish while being faithful to your brand’s identity with us. 
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